About Portio Jure Law Firm

Brief history and development

In the year 2008, the Learned Barrister Kumfa Jude Kwenyui, one time Head of Chambers of Juris Consul Law Firm in Buea in the Republic of Cameroon, found it necessary to bring together great legal minds that had already shown proof of hard work, devotedness, resilience, ethics, positive attitude, team work and flexibility. The choice of the name “Portio Jure” (the strength of the law) was deliberate given the founder’s intention to use the law to protect the interest of individuals; the private sector; multinationals and government agencies. With the zeal to accentuate this new dynamism and to give a fresh impetus to the application of the law in Cameroon, Africa and beyond, Portio Jure Law Firm was therefore incorporated and registered as a Law Firm into the Cameroon Bar Association. 11 years after, the Law Firm can conveniently provide to its clients, high quality legal services.

Law Firm’s Profile

Portio Jure Law Firm has an admirable list of dynamic, well trained and experienced Attorneys (Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries and Academics) who have an impressive practice record in national and international jurisdictions. Having our hard earned clients in mind, our Attorneys work ferociously and dedicate their decades of trial experience to satisfy the demands for our clients: corporate and non-corporate. With the recent introduction of Administrative Courts in all the Regions in the country, our lawyers have been among the first attorneys to challenge administrative decisions before the Administrative Courts. The Law Firm also has seasoned Administrative Personnel who are qualified and equipped to facilitate legal practice and to give it the stature it deserves.

We work round the clock to satisfy our clients and intermediaries from any location. With the help of our advanced communication technology system we have conquered the challenges of doing business in Cameroon and in Africa by establishing a network of associates all over the country and beyond. Our network and connections enable us to have control over local business huddles. We partner with excellent solicitors and Barristers nationwide who are capable of offering a huge variety of services varying from everyday commercial and corporate dealings to more complicated mergers, acquisition and construction contracts. With the understanding that each client has their particularities, we use our busy and thriving practice experience to give advice correlating with the case in hand.

Having in mind that not all matters must be taken to court, we provide Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice. This mechanism is that of a Multi-door Court House whereby we afford our client the convenience of seeking redress through negotiation and settlements rather than through litigation which at times may be costly, cumbersome and distracting. Our clients have most often acknowledged that this practice preserves their good business relationships.

Portio Jure Law Firm also gives advice to local and international law firms, Government and Public Agencies, International organizations, Parastatals, Non-governmental Organizations, and other commercial bodies. To us, our clients matter. That is why we develop close relationship with our individual clients and afford intimate dealings and understanding with our clients’ businesses and legal needs.

All clients get regular updates on the development of their files using the most convenient methods of communication. These, together with a consensus payment plan, keeps our client glued to our law firm.

Since we have a reading culture and have understood the importance of updating ourselves with new statutes and developments in varied domains, we have lavishly invested on a good volume of Law books and materials from other subject fields. Our library is also richly stocked with a good variety of Newspapers, Magazines and periodicals.

Cameroon being a bi-jural country, our team of experts are versed in both the English Law (Common Law) and the French law (Civil Law) which operate along side national laws. Our Advocates and solicitors conveniently crisscross our legal terrain in Africa and beyond. The Firm has Eight Advocates, one Advocate in Training, three Paralegal, a Translator and a Driver

Statement of practice summary

Civil and Criminal law, Corporate law (OHADA, Uniform Acts on the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa), Alternative Dispute resolution, Banking and Finance, Labour and employment, Oil and gas, Energy and Mining, Environmental Law, Tax and Customs, Legal regulatory compliance, Construction and aviation, Cybercrime, Trans border Crimes, Aviation, Internet and Telecommunication laws, Government procurement and Contracts, Arbitration and litigation, Anti-corruption Advisory, Real Estate, Immigration, Trademarks and patents and Maritime.